Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awesome April

"Awesome April" flew by fast!  I feel like I just finish a blog and another month is coming to an end. 

We had a great Easter.  How AWESOME it is to know he has RISEN and LIVES today!!!

Because he lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because he lives, all fears are gone;
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living, just because He lives!
Our Easter celebration(s) first started with an egg hunt organized by our church, NewHaven.  We planned for weeks, and our hardwork paid off!  We had around 185 kids that morning to hunt over 2,000 eggs!  Allie Kate wasn't totally cooperative for pictures, but her Nae Nae still found a way to snap a few good ones.

T, Papa Phil, CJ, Nana & Cooper

Let the egg hunting begin!

 Cousins! Emma, Milo & Lily

On Sunday morning, we opened our Easter baskets and headed to church.  Following church we had lunch at the Country Club with family.

Allie Kate was way to busy looking at her basket to stop for a pic...

Allie Kate insisted this be her pose for the family picture...

Lunch at the Country Club

That evening we took things easy around our house and enjoyed a nice picnic of club sandwhiches and fries on Allie Kate's swing set...her request :)

Veggie Tales came to town!  Cooper and Paisley met us there.  Let's just say they danced the night away...
Nae Nae and Pop Pop invited us to the mountains and Meers.  Allie Kate loved climbing on the rocks, and she especially liked the homemade icecream at Meers!

The lens on my camera broke about 5 months ago, so after researching and asking around I decided to invest in a new lens...and I am REALLY glad I did.  My little model has been posing for me so I can practice :)
We walked down to the creek one morning for Allie Kate to take pics in her new boots and pearls... we also found a tree covered in butterflies!
We hope you enjoyed your Easter and had an AWESOME APRIL! We are looking forward to finishing up the school year to begin our summer break next month! 

The Andersons