Monday, February 27, 2012

February Fun!

One of the things (among many) that has changed since Allie Kate was born is how BUSY we are, but we are enjoying it!  There is always something to do, and Allie Kate wants to be in the middle of it all...Here's a look at all our "February Fun!"

We had a great time watching cousin Carter shoot some hoops at his basketball game.  Allie Kate cheered him on from the stands with family and friends and took lessons on how to dribble.  She will be point guard in no time :)

 Watching the game with Presley & Paisley

Coach Brittany gave lessons on how to dribble.

Doug, Gammaw, Coop, & Allie Kate

Go Carter!

It started snowing on February 12th.  There was just enough snow on Clay's car that evening to make a mini snowman.  Allie Kate thought this was great!  When we woke up the next morning I told her to look outside.  Allie Kate said, "Snow! Thanks Daddy!"  She really thought her daddy brought all the snow to her :) 

Look closely, Allie Kate IS on the porch!

Baby wanted to see the snow too!

My dad, "Pop Pop," asked for a new picture of "his girls" for his desk.  This was an easy task for us to take on because WE LOVE PICTURES!  We gave them to Pop Pop for Valentine's Day.  We gave some to Daddy for his office too.  We met with Leslie See, and she did a wonderful job...especially with Allie Kate taking charge of the photo shoot :)

We love Valentine's Day at our house.  It's always fun to show someone you care about them!  Daddy sent us roses and a huge monkey balloon, which Allie Kate performed a 5 minute performance to "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed".  Allie Kate also got a dress up box.  She loved it, but I think she enjoyed the cookie (or "tookie" as she says) and decorating Daddy with stickers the most.

While Allie Kate was staying with her "Nae Nae" (my mom) she found one of my old water jugs.  She told Nae Nae it was my present and took it home with her.  As soon as I walked in she said, "Look what I bought you mommy!"  I guess since everyone had been giving her Valentine gifts she felt she needed to do the same.  She was so proud of herself, and I loved it, of course!  She is a great little shopper. 

Allie Kate also helped me address her Valentine cards.  She told me it was "perfect."

Allie Kate exchanged Valentine's with her friends at school. 

Eva, Allie Kate & Kinsley

Cousin Milo turned 4 this month!  We helped him celebrate...Spider-Man style!

The circus came to town!  Allie Kate wasn't feeling that great, but she had talked about the circus all we had to go!  We went to see if they had captured any of the tigers that hang out at our house (Allie Kate is quite the pretender).  She really liked watching the elephants, tigers and all the fun acts.  We sat with Milo and Lily, and we all had a great time!

They really weren't in the picture taking mood...

She kept a careful watch on those tigers in the cage!

Leslie See invited Allie Kate to do a photo shoot with her good friend, Kinsley.  They had a blast playing together, especially since it was a gorgeous day!

That about sums up all of our February Fun!  Can't wait to see what March has in store for us!

Much Love,
The Andersons

Tickled PINK to be TWO!

For Allie Kate's 2nd birthday, we celebrated with a PINK party! We had PINK sweets, PINK lemonade, the Tumble Bus and even Minnie Mouse stopped in to say "hello!" The birthday girl had a great time, and I think all the kids did too! Here's a look at Allie Kate's PINK PARTY...

The frame all the guests signed!

The birthday girl had PINK shoes, of course!

The food table

PINK sweets

Make a wish...

Allie Kate LOVES we had a cookie decorating table!


PINK lemonade

The PINK Gift Chair

Minnie Mouse came (in her PINK dress) to wish Allie Kate Happy Birthday!

Tumble Bus time!

The girls in PINK!

 PINK birthday portraits!!!

The invitations, "Allie Kate LOVES" cards & thank you cards I customized myself at Purple Trail (online).  It's a neat website, and they are great to work with!