Wednesday, September 2, 2015

So Long Summer!

With Fall just a few days away, football season in full swing and back into a school schedule, our Summer has come to an end... Here's a look at our busy and fun Summer 2015!

Clayre had a big summer! She turned 2 with a Bubble Bash celebration. She also showed interest in potty training. She's been doing pretty good, but we have a ways to go before we wear big girl panties around town!

We snapped a few pics for daddy's new office. The girls were by a tree filled with TONS of butterflies...some of these are REAL some I added in :)

In June, Allie Kate performed in Florida, representing Fliptastic Gymnastics, at World's Perfect. They had dancers, twirlers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and martial arts. I was so proud of Allie Kate's performance in front of the judges and how hard she worked on her routine. She even learned a new skill to go, a round off backhandspring. Besides performing, Allie Kate absolutely loved going with Grace. Grace is an older gymnast at Fliptastics and extremely talented! They had the best time together. Nae Nae also joined us. We had a great time on our "girls trip!"

Clayre didn't make the girls trip, but she enjoyed some time with her daddy :)

Allie Kate also participted in Fliptastics' Rising Stars program. She enjoyed being with the big girls. And to be just 5, I thought she hung tough! 

Late June, we took a family vacation to Pendaris. It was GORGEOUS and we enjoyed the down time. Pendaris is in New Mexico. It's a golf course on the mountain about 20 miles north of Las Vegas (NM). In the 1970's, my great granddad Milo purchased the cabin with my great grandmother, Jean. They LOVED the cabin. They would come and stay the entire summer. My dad, Mitchell, Todd & Shana would come too. They adored Milo and Jean. Coming to the cabin for the summer was the highlight of the year when they were kids. Although my memories of GaGa are not from the cabin, I know my dads are. We love to visit and are grateful for a peaceful place to stay that is still apart of our family. Milo and Jean made their family a top priority, such a blessing to us.

The cabin is a place to RELAX! Golfing, morning walks, resting, cooking, board games, picnics & porch swinging are the highlights of the trip!

Pop Pop always makes cookies at the cabin.
Picnic at the lake
Feeding the Alpacas

We celebrated the 4th of July at PaPa Phil's house...the kids love the pool!

We also shared a coke with celebrate to our FREEDOM ;)

July hip hop dance camp!

We decided last minute to take one last summer "trip," so we headed down to Gaylord. The theme was Wizard of Oz...and so we followed the yellow brick road to the water park!

Early August our church held a one day FROZEN bible study. We had 75 kids come to "LET GO" of fear and trust in God's love...what fun!!!

Allie Kate went to Kindergarten and Clayre started Children's Corner. Allie Kate's teacher is Mrs. Tate. She was also Clay's 3rd grade teacher! So neat! We are looking forward to a great year!

Allie Kate was Mrs. Tate's 1st Principal Pal of the year. She said one reason she chose her was because Allie Kate was such a good friend to others the first week of school. Of course I want AK to excel academically, but if there is one thing I want for my girls, it is to love others. Proud of our girl.

Clayre has always tagged along with us taking Allie Kate to dance and gymnastics lessons...recently she said, "Me too!" And so that is exactly what we did. She LOVES it :)

Hope everyone's school year is off to a great start! 

Much Love,
The Andersons