Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spring Fling

It's been a few months since I have written about our many adventures, but spring seemed to fly by... and with the numerous dance, gymnastics and soccer practices, the school year has come to an end.

Allie Kate continues to do gymnastics. She really looks up to the "big girls" and enjoyed a fun photo shoot with them in April. They are all planning to compete again at the end of June.

Allie Kate also danced for Ms. Sherri. I was really impressed with her growth this year. We had a fun recital and loved watching Emma, Lily and her teacher, Ms. Skyler, in the ballet. She can't wait until next year when she is in the ballet with them.

Allie Kate also graduated from Pre-K in Ms. Tammy's class at Children's Corner. She loved every bit of it...her friends, teacher and learning. One thing she discovered a love for this year was Dr. Suess. She came home the week of his birthday celebration in March talking all about him and how funny he was. I decided we needed to take some Dr. Suess graduation pictures :) She danced and sang at graduation, and she did a great job leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Kindergarten here she comes!

My baby is about to be TWO! My heart is a little heavy to know she is my last, and the chapter of being pregnant, holding a tiny sleeping baby and the long nights of nursing are long gone...but I am so HAPPY to be here watching them grow and learn. The future is too exciting to be sad about the time that as passed us. Instead, I am thankful for it all, and I am looking forward to all we can do as a family as our girls get older.

We are celebrating with a bubble party! I had all kinds of themes I thought about, but when it came down to it, there is nothing this little one loves more than bubble fun. She begs for more, and we blow until our hands hurt :) I'm hoping a BUBBLE BASH makes her day!

She is starting to say all kinds of words and short sentences. She loves animals, playing, going to Ms. Christa's house, and she cannot wait to put on a gymnastics and ballet outfit to join her big sister.

Aunt Amanda had a gorgeous outdoor wedding the first Saturday in May. The weather was stunning and she was a beautiful bride. The girls LOVED being a part of her special day.

We have our summer "to-do" list written out! Allie Kate has already spent some time with Aunt Tay Tay and we are looking forward to vacation, dance camp, gymnastics and much more!

Hope everyone had a great school year and has an awesome summer!

The Andersons