Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marvelous March

March was a great month!  I would say Allie Kate was tickled to welcome SPRING!

One thing (among about 100 other things) on my "TO DO LIST" is fixing up the upstairs game room for Allie Kate.  This space was originally attic, but when we were building the house we decided to finish it...and we are VERY happy we did.  Clay and I first thought this space would be a wonderful movie room.  We would fix it up very "adult like" and spend hours watching movies with friends...then Allie Kate arrived.  It took no time at all to realize this would be HER space.  The endless toys that keep appearing, DVDs, doll houses from older cousins...the list goes on and on, and we needed somewhere to put it all.  I decided if she is going to have this play room, we were going to go all out! Here are a few pics of the room!

Her reading nook...

Allie Kate helped me create some art work for the wall (thank you Pinterest).

We had this shelf built this month.  I never thought I would be so excited about a shelf.  All of these toys were once on the floor :)

My rocking horse from when I was little...

The magnetic wall...

These are my old rugs from when I taught 1st grade! I'm VERY happy I can use them again!

Allie Kate had pictures taken in her Easter dress by Melissa Hall.  She loved the bunnies and chickens!

We have a few places we go WEEKLY around town.  When you are 2, you enjoy just about anything.  Here are a few of our favorite places...

We go to J's Donuts A LOT for breakfast.  On "donut mornings", we load up in the car (pj's and all) and head on over to J's.  You can see from the pic that "babies" enjoy the donut runs as well :) The workers always recognize us, and Allie Kate enjoys waving and smiling to the friendly donut maker in the back of the shop.  We order the same thing each time, eat our donuts, and go on our way.  If you have not had J's donuts, you need to try them (if you are in Lawton or visiting).  They are AMAZING!

We also love Pop Pop's dealership.  They have a parrot, Paco, which excites Allie Kate each time.  She loves to feed him, talk to him, spray him with the water never gets old. 

Another popular place for us around town right now is Chick-fil-a.  Allie Kate loves their food and most of all, their play ground.  We have no complaints because we also like the food and the playground is INDOORS!  We've even noticed there are "regular attenders."  All stay at home moms who have children under 4 are usually there the same time as us :)

Allie Kate had her first manicure this month, and Clay has already decided this was probably introduced too soon :) I took her one morning after gymnastics and she was an angel the entire time she was pampered.  I would say there will be many of these to kind of girl!

Allie Kate also had her first haircut.  She did not want to sit in the chair by herself, but once I held her she did great!  Minnie Mouse came for moral support :)

Nae Nae, JoJo and Cheryl took Allie Kate to the zoo during Spring Break. It was a beautiful day and they had a great time!

At the end of the day Allie Kate brought home her very own tiger!

The last day of March we celebrate Nae Nae's birthday!  Happy Birthday Nae Nae!  We love you!

Hope everyone is as happy to see Spring as we are! We are looking forward to more pretty weather and celebrating Easter in April!

The Andersons