Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Mr. and Mrs. are 50!!!

For our parent's 50th birthday, my sister and I planned a SURPRISE party! Their birthdays are just four days apart, so we did a joint celebration.  We decorated with pictures from their childhood to present and decorated with mustaches for the "Mr." and lips for the "Mrs."  We had a photo booth, cake and candy table and also a hypnotist for entertainment...we had a great time!

 Front of invite:
The back...
Shhhhhh....they're coming!


 The "Mrs." with her girls~
 The cake table
 (Cookies by Mary Ann Robinson)

Grandma Ann's Cakes...if you have never had a piece you are missing out!
They are WONDERFUL!!! 

  "50" made from old black and white pics
 The photo boxes made awesome center pieces...THANK  YOU JoAnne!!!
 And JoAnne did the "soda pop cake" too!
 The photo booth! Everyone left a note with their pic for the "Mr. & Mrs."

Make a wish!

Let them eat cake!
We had a hypnotist for entertainment...
and they're out...

 Terri couldn't remember her name :)
 and JoAnne only spoke Chinese...


Happy 50 Mom and Dad!

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  1. Looks absolutely incredible. I'm so happy when I see the really cool things you put together and what wonderful imaginations you all have. It's amazing!