Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Fun!

We took Allie Kate to the 1st OU home game.  We saw Emmy and Coop before the game. She loved pre game and seeing the cheerleaders, but after pizza, a pretzel, diet coke, and a lemon slush, we left at 1/2 time.  We saw Milo and Lily on our way out of the stadium and stopped for a quick picture :)

Allie Kate LOVES to help cook! We made pizza for dinner one night, and although she was a good helper, she loved eating the pepperoni the most!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday in September...and what better way to do it than with Grandma Ann's chocolate cake! Happy Birthday Daddy!
We love you!
We went to OKC to celebrate a good friend's 2nd birthday with an adorable train party! Happy Birthday Scott!

Cousin Emmy turned 2! Happy Birthday Emmy!

Although sumer was "over," the warm weather stayed! We have enjoyed playing outside, going to school, gymnastics, and spending time with friends and family as usual.  We saw these "flowers" and stopped to take some pics. It was super windy and Allie Kate wasn't in the mood for a long photo shoot, but we got a good one!

I decided if I wanted more than 5 pumpkins this year, I was going to have to attempt to grow my own! I planted the seeds early June in a sunny area in our backyard.  The sprinklers ran a couple minutes every day...and before I knew it we had 25 pumpkins!!!  I was a proud gardener!

We love our neighborhood! Lots of familiar faces, family and children to play with. We had a cookout for the kids before trick-or-treating on Halloween.  It was a GORGEOUS night and the kids had a blast!
I took several Halloween pictures...not many things cuter than kids dressed up for Halloween!
Cooper and Emmy 
Brooke, my cousin, and Taylor were married in November.  They had a beautiful wedding and the kids enjoyed dancing the night away!


For Thanksgiving, we traveled to Missouri to spend time with my Grandma Ann's side of the family.  Allie Kate loved playing with her cousins, and we enjoyed seeing everyone.

The new news at our house is...
Allie Kate will have a new brother or sister in June!
She insists that it's a "sister," so we'll have to wait until next month to see if she knows what she is talking about :) Either way, we are excited about the new addition to our family!

Although this is a BUSY time of year for everyone, we are looking forward to the holiday season!
Much Love,
The Andersons

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